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Our team &
Why we are unique

We are a team of 10 lawyers, gender experts and support staff. We also retain a roster of experts.

Our lawyers have over 20 years collective experience in combatting sexual and gender-based violence through litigation, law and policy reform.


Our lawyers are admitted to practise in Afghanistan and are registered with the Afghanistan Independent Bar Association.


We benefit from continuing in-house and external training on various aspects of Afghan Law, Islamic law and International Human Rights Law through our partners and Board of Advisors.

  • We are activist-lawyers and our work is mission-driven. We have a clear roadmap of the change we wish to see and we initiate and push for bold and transformative justice solutions towards it.


  • We use our knowledge of the law, our native knowledge of how things work in Afghanistan and trusted networks to get things done.


  • We are tough when it comes to holding our Government to account to the rule of law, but we will not hesitate to help them reach their goals and strategic objectives.


  • We are a small team with a small foot-print. This enables us to focus on change at a systemic level, retain a low-profile to safeguard our team's security and remain resilient in times of crisis.


We work closely with member of the Afghanistan Government and the UN Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), EU Member States, the US Embassy in Kabul, Front Line Defenders (FLD), Afghanistan Attorney General’s Office (AGO), Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC), Afghanistan Independent Bar Association (AIBA), Afghanistan Women’s Network (AWN).​

​We are actively involved in the Human Rights Defenders Committee Board, Ministry of Justice/Women’s Affairs Legislative Drafting Committees, Prohibition of Forced Gynaecological Examinations Committee and Anti-Sexual Harassment Law Committee.

e are hiring!

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