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Letter to Vice President Kamala Harris

Letter by The Women's Regional Network (WRN) Afghanistan, India, Pakistan and The Women’s Advocacy Committee (WAC) of Afghanistan, of which WJO is a member of.

On behalf of The Women's Regional Network (WRN) Afghanistan, India, Pakistan and The Women’s Advocacy Committee (WAC) of Afghanistan, may we congratulate you on your historic victory as the first female Vice President of the United States and call upon your continuing support of Afghananistan women in the ongoing US led peace negotiations for a ceasefire and a just agreement that honors human rights and gender equality.

With the support of the international community and United States, the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan was developed and put in place in 2004 which, for the first time, guaranteed equality for Afghananistan women after years of human rights violations in decades of conflict. As a result, significant gains were made in the areas of education, health, and the development of civil society.

Today, both the Afghaninstan Parliament and Senate have a 25% female representation, which is exceptional for this region. It is imperative that the hard won gains of past years are not lost and the role and rights of women are not infringed upon by the patriarchy. In the midst of the peace negotiations, Women of Afghanistan are concerned about the process, given the historic record of the Taliban’s mistreatment of women and their lack of clarity on their stand on civil rights guaranteed in Chapter Two of the Afghanistan Constitution; as well as their continuing brutal terror and assassinations of civil and women’s rights activists.

Our fears are legitimate and we require international support and commitment in protecting the rights of women of Afghanistan, so history doesn’t repeat itself and doom our fate. Your victory has not only brought hope to the women in the United States, but also to women around the world, particularly women in Afghanistan.

The outcome of the peace negotiations with the Taliban will shape the lives of the people of Afghanistan for upcoming decades and could have dire consequences for the women and girls should their rights be violated. For this reason, we ask for your support in preserving all constitutional protections for women’s rights and ensuring the safety of citizens of Afghanistan and human rights activists. It is highly crucial that civil and women’s rights accomplishment must not be compromised, and it should be as a precondition for this peace agreement.

The people of Afghanistan, especially women, are grateful for the vital assistance of the government and the people of the United States. We undoubtedly need continued cooperation and friendship for a fair and free democratic Afghanistan.

Read the full joint letter below:

joint letter WRN and WAC to Voice presi
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