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Open letter to political leaders in Afghanistan

Afghanistan, with the bitter experience of more than four decades of war that has caused great financial and human losses, now has an opportunity to make peace and end this devastating and suffocating war.

Unfortunately, like the proxy and imposed war, efforts are now being made to impose peace on the nation in the form of proxy and coercion by bringing pressure and concessions.

The enormous sacrifices of the people of Afghanistan have been ignored and the system of the Islamic Republic, that ensures the participation of all people in decision-making and respect for the human values and human rights of the people for Afghanistan, are at risk of being disintegrated.

Afghanistan is once again in the most complex and sensitive political situation and, according to political analysis, is in the verge of a catastrophic crisis. The persistence of this situation is a serious threat to weaken the country from political, economic and social perspective.

Afghan women believe that progress in the peace process is an urgent issue for the people of Afghanistan, and that the country's constitution, is a central main point around which individuals and masses are gathered and united around.

Ensuring lasting and dignified peace is the rightful desire of the people of Afghanistan. The people of Afghanistan believe that the country needs a political consensus among the country's politicians in order to preserve the constitution and the achievements and honor the hard work and sacrifices people have made to serve their country.

We believe that the political consensus itself is a bridge between today and the future Afghanistan.

Therefore, we Afghan women call on all political leaders and factions in the country to:

  • As soon as possible, let go of personal differences, differences of opinion, group and party interests. Unite for a political consensus to protect and support national interests and peace with dignity These commitments are urgently needed.

  • In the current situation of the State, your sincere will and commitment to save Afghanistan from the tribulation of misery, the product of which is nothing but the destruction of the homeland and the people of Afghanistan and serve the desire of war profiteers and foreigners. The most effective way to escape from this crisis is to fulfill your faith, conscience and human responsibility, according to which you will be accountable to God, the homeland and the people.

  • Do not let the fire of this destructive war continue to burn our beloved country and leave behind more widows, orphans, disabled, martyrs, and displaced in this homeland.

  • Support the peace talks, the preservation of the republic system, the protection of human rights of the Afghan people, especially the victims, the disabled, women, youth and minorities, and the national interest.

  • Do not make any overt or covert deal with the countries that profit from war and instability.

  • Join hands for the development of the country and save the country from this mire of crisis. Our strength in in unity, patriotism and solidarity with people.

WJO contributed to this letter as a member of the Afghan Women’s Network and Afghan Women's Coalition for Peace "Our Voice for Our Future"

Picture: Council of Foreign Relations depicting people watching over the peace negotiations with Taliban

Click below for the original Dari version of this letter.

‎⁨نامه به رهبران سیاسی افغانستان⁩
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