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WJO's co-founder is awarded the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy Award

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

WJO's co-founder and Executive Director, Ms Humaira Rasuli, has been awarded the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy Award.

"Honoring a female Afghan lawyer who defended women and others under exceptionally challenging cultural circumstances is timely given the recent Taliban takeover. Humaira’s credentials are impeccable and worthy of TFD’s honor. Recognizing her will send an important signal to women throughout Asia.”

TFD Chairman You Si-Kun said this year’s Asia Democracy and Human Rights Award is awarded to Humaira Rasuli in recognition of her contributions and endeavors to promote Afghan women’s rights. Chairman You hopes that this year’s award will further inspire the world to pay closer attention to human rights in Afghanistan, especially women’s rights. He also hopes it will encourage human rights defenders and those who have been deprived of human rights, and demonstrate that there are still many people around the world that support them and to not lose hope.

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