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WJO signs MOU with Ministry of Higher Education to end SGBV in higher education

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Last Saturday, 9 January 2021, WJO and the Ministry of Higher Education signed a Memorandum of Understanding to work together to strengthen the prevention and response mechanism to end SGBV in higher education.

Under the MOU, WJO will provide technical expertise to the MOHE and build the capacity of gender units staff in several areas.

The signing took place at a ceremony presided by Mr Noor Ahmad Darvish, Deputy Minister of Administration and Finance of the Ministry of Higher Education. During the ceremony, he thanked WJO and provided an overview of the activities that the Ministry of Higher Education has committed to, to strengthen gender equality in higher education.

He stated that in order to achieve that goal, the Ministry is working on improving its gender departments and the capacity of its staff.

Mr. Darvish pointed to the lack of technical staff in the gender sector as one of the most pressing issues currently facing the Ministry of Higher Education. He added that the Ministry intends to provide training programs in the capital and provinces in cooperation with WJO to build their capacity and achieve a safer environment for education for women.

Humaira Rasouli, Executive Director of WJO, gave an overview of WJO's work and the purpose and importance of WJO's work in cooperation with the MOHE under this arrangement.

She mentioned that the MOU establishes a mechanism for WJO to provide technical assistance, in particular, to review MOHE's policy on prohibition of sexual harassment in educational institutions and establish adaptive and practical mechanisms and other measures to create a safe educational and work environment for women in the country.

Malika Qasemi, the Gender Officer of the Ministry of Higher Education, stated that the MOHE will play its part under the MOU to address complaints and disseminate educational materials, posters, brochures, and other awareness and outreach materials to all higher education institutions.

For more information, refer to the link website of the Ministry of Higher Education:

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