Public Interest & Rule of Law Program

We investigate

We collect preserve documentation of systemic human rights violations. Our documentation is catalogued and preserved for future public interest action.

We involve

During investigations, we hold shuras which are safe spaces for survivors and their communities to come together in solidarity. The shuras are designed to empower survivors to tell their stories, navigate stigma and shame, express their needs, learn investigative techniques and advocate.

We protect

We assess the protection needs of survivors and witnesses. We consider protection as constituting physical and psychosocial protection to those who have testified and are in hiding, or, who are too afraid to testify in the absence of protection. We will petition the Prosecution Unit and the courts to issue comprehensive victim and witness protection orders so that they can testify safely.

For physical protection, we will organize for them to be moved to a safe shelter and provide basic social services to connect them to community life. 

For psychosocial protection, we will provide (or refer) survivors for psychosocial counseling on a weekly or fortnightly basis and check in on them.  

For trial, we will petition for one or more of the following measures:


  • To conceal the name, residential address, country of residence and other identifying records or documents, which could lead to the identification of victims and witnesses.

  • To forbid the accused/defendants and their lawyers from disclosing the above.

  • To forbid the accused/defendants and their lawyers from contacting victims, witnesses and their family members. 

  • To allow survivors and witnesses to testify behind a screen, through video-link or in a separate room.

  • To prevent certain lines of questioning which would cause trauma or harm to the witness.

We represent

We use judicial and non-judicial means to meet survivors' demands. We negotiate with institutions, lobby for policy changes, encourage police action, leverage media prowess, file case in court, support the prosecution process and file communications with UN procedures. We fight for survivors' rights using a 360 degree approach, timely targeting all levels of accountability.

We account

We keep an account of whether the State diligently investigates and prosecutes violations of human rights. We intervene as victims' advocate to monitor investigations and trial. When monitoring, we will report on practices which would amount to a breach of fair trial or impropriety under the laws. To remedy the breaches, we will file petitions pursuant to the relevant procedural code and leverage UN and other bodies to pressure action. 

We advocate

We monitor and advocate for the implementation of laws and policies on the very issues our clients are involved in. 

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We are Afghanistan's first non-profit public interest law firm. We are independent, non-profit, non-governmental, non-political and non-sectarian. We are female-founded and female-led. We welcome men to join us in our work. 

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