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Legal Representation

We advise and represent survivors of human rights violations particularly sexual violence, whistleblowers, human rights defenders and witnesses in legal proceedings.

We take some of the most high-profile sex offence cases involving widespread and systematic sexual abuse of vulnerable people.

These cases are dangerous as they involve prosecuting powerful offenders. We investigate and try these cases in court to fight for justice and accountability. If survivors are hesitant to file a claim in court or success at trial is improbable, we deploy other means to push for their rights before the State.

We document violations of law and uphold the rule of law and

hold offenders accountable. We (as well as our clients and witnesses) face retaliation in most cases so risk mitigation and protection support is integral to our work.

Some of our clients are whistleblowers and risk their lives to speak their truth. We ensure that their voices are heard at the highest level in government.

I have my lawyer and I feel there is light at the end of this tunnel.”


– WJO's client in a case of sexual harassment by high-ranking police officers.

Strengthening Government Institutions


We build better prevention and response mechanisms by changing laws, policies and improving on existing mechanisms.


We support the drafting of national strategies, action plans, policies and protocols.

We also provide needs-based assistance to strengthen judicial processes and safeguard victims’ fair trial rights and experience with the justice process.

WhatsApp Image 2021-02-11 at 23.02.48.jpeg

WJO team delivering a workshop on sexual harassment to the Attorney General Office prosecutors (2021)


Building the Next Generation of Civil Society Leaders

To inspire and equip the next generation of leaders with practical knowledge and skills, we provide them with mentorship and on-the-job training.

During the training, the leaders learn how to strategically use the law as a vehicle for change.They learn critical skills such as legal writing, evidence analysis, legal ethics client/witness interviewing.

They also learn concepts and fact-patterns in cases of gender-based violence, sexual exploitation, sexual abuse and harassment.

"I learned more with WJO in few months than in 3 years of university. Now I am ready to become a human rights lawyer and I will achieve this."


- WJO Fellow

Law Reform

We use law as a tool to prohibit and penalise acts which have been historically committed against women.

In the past, we advocated for the express prohibition of Bacha Bazi ("dancing boys", a customary practice of sexual exploitation of boys in Afghanistan), sexual harassment in education, public and work spaces, forced virginity testing, anal examination of young boys, anal rape occurring in marriage and defamation of women's honour amongst other things.

Conference on Defence Lawyer.jpeg

Conference on the role of victim and defence counsel in the amendment of the Criminal Procedure Code.

Sustainable Peace

Peace is not the end of war. Peace is the presence of social justice.

We are part of a national advocacy process to push for sustainable peace in Afghanistan that is built ground up from the demands of the citizens and a notion of peace that is rooted in social justice. 

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e are hiring!

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