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Attack on female judges

Women for Justice Organization is immensely saddened about the assassination of the two female Supreme Court judges and share its heartfelt sympathies and prayers to their families and wishes for the injured to recover.

On January 17, 2020, three female judges who were on their way to work were ambushed and gunned down in their vehicle by unknown armed men. Two of the judges were killed while the third judge with the driver was injured.[1]

WJO condemns the assassinations and join in solidarity with other human rights defenders and activists to call for a prompt investigation into the assassinations.

Attacks on judges is an attack on the rule of law, peace, order and good governance. It is an attack on individual’s rights and laws in the country. The terrorists must acknowledge that such acts bear responsibility and accountability and it shall not remain unresponded.

Recently, the unclaimed target killings have surged dramatically, targeting human rights defenders, civil society activists, lawyers, doctors, journalists and other officials throughout the country. This happens at a very sensitive time amidst peace negotiations taking place between the Afghan government and Taliban aiming to end decades of violence and bloodshed in the country. While the nation is hoping for peace and the depletion of violence, it has only increased further as a medium for terrorists to further pressurize the government for a better share of the political bargain. If there is willingness for a sustainable peace deal, contradictory acts which defies the notion of peace should be ceased. hitherto, continued violation of human rights, structural violence in the society is only a trade-off aiming for political power and position which is not welcomed.

There are around 250 women judges in the country and about 400 female prosecutors.[2] Women started their journey of political and civil engagement from a blank slate since the fall of Taliban’s regime and have strengthened women’s status in society despite myriad limitations and difficulties.

[1] “Gunmen Kill two female judges in Afghan Capital”, Newsday. Sunday, January 17. Access in: [2] ibid

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