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Humaira Rasuli featured in a documentary on women leaders in rule of law in Afghanistan

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

It is an honour for our Co-Founder and Executive Director, Humaira Rasuli, to be one of four featured, alongside the first female Supreme Court Judge, in a documentary on "4 Women Leading the Way for Equal Rights in Afghanistan".

"The reason for me to study law and become a lawyer was to defend the rights of women, give power to voiceless women to stand for their rights in order to challenge patriarchy in our country."

Humaira reminds us that just a decade ago we did not have a single female defence lawyer. The profession of defence lawyers did not exist. Today we have more than 481 female defence lawyers, 131 female prosecutors, 265 female judges.

Humaira was selected to be featured by Mariam Atash, who is herself a renowned Afghan American lawyer and TV anchor and an advisor to the organisation.

In this documentary, you will also meet Judge Anisa Rasouli, Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals for Anti-Corruption and Counter Narcotics, Dr. Zohra Nawabi, Member of the Kabul Provincial Council, and, Dr. Orzala Ashraf Nemat, Director of the Afghanistan Research & Evaluation Unit.

Though our work cannot be spoken of publicly and we work behind the scenes of the justice process, we hope the program gives you a rare glimpse into our world and our work.

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